Score includes 100 bonus points for a Q with KS0KS. Too many qso parties this weekend with OH, HI and us all competing for space. Since I am in the skip zone for my neighbors in KS, usually the OH and even the KH6's were louder than KS on the hf bands. But it was still fun chasing the 1x1 calls and saying HI to my friends. Especially since I missed the MO QSO party earlier this year. Will C U all in the CA QSO party in a few weeks.
Best state QSO party!
K3; TH6DXX @ 50\'; 80/40 Trapped Inverted V @ 30\'. Also worked bonus station KS0KS not reflected in this score.

Really fun QSO party. Had to qrt for a dinner engagement at 5 pm Saturday, and had to QRT for an hour of thunderstorms Sunday morning. Lots of QRN before and after...Thanks everyone for your patience. And thanks again to W0BH for all his work putting this great event together. 73 Bill K0VBU - K0F - the F in Sunflower (say that 3 times real fast!)
Saturday was great! 40m was yielding the best Q rate last year, so I did spend more time there this time. It looked like I was going to crush the Q count from last year, that was until Sunday morning when this massive storm had to throw a wrench in it.

I did have to cut it short on Sunday anyway, got to go to work later that night, so not must was lost.

Kudo's to Bob W0BH, for putting this all together again! CU Next year! John, KC0DEB/K0L
K3, TH6DXX, Sloping Vees (80 & 40), N1MM+

Great fun as a Kansas station. Lots of activity. Lost time Sunday morning while at church. Bands were not too friendly above 14 MHz but made some QSOs. The 15 & 10 meter bands seemed open but no activity. Sunday a thunderstorm passed through making it hard on the ears. Thanks to all who persevered and stayed with me to get the QSOs through the noise. Bands Sunday seemed much better and worked several European stations on 20.

Last minute mults from NL, NS, and NE. Only missed NU, NT, PEI and YT. Good to see so many KS stations (including all of the 1X1's) participating this year. Hats off to Bob, W0BH, for heading up the administrative efforts and getting things moving in one direction. Thanks, Bob.

This year I went back to SOHP, all band mixed and certainly did not perform as well as 2015, but I'm not complaining considering the conditions this year. Thanks to all who provided the QSO's.

73, Russ - K0N AKA K0VXU
Tnx to all. Lots of new KS counties! 73, Don
Second year in the KS QSO Party, first year as a portable (rover). Had a awesome time. Was pleased with the bands, especially on Saturday. Like most of the Kansas stations, on Sunday the storms kept me from operating for the first 30 mins. Made sure to make stops at Parks on the Air locations, and give the POTA chasers some fun. This helped the score quite a bit, and was surprised at the DX that I was able to work!

Station info: Yaseu 857d Telescoping 31' Jackite pole (vertical dipole) 100W

Thanks to Bob W0BH for all the hard work, its was a great time!
This is my 7th year participating in the KSQP as K0W. Great fun as usual. This year between the CQ's I did spend some time chasing some of the rare KS counties for my USA-CA. Quite challenging due to the skip zone but I did work many new ones thanks to the mobiles who spent some time on 40m. Thanks to the mobiles for putting an excellent show. BIG thanks to W0BH for usual great organization and leadership.

Mobiles: Please submit logs to eQSL for Qso confirmation. It will save the county hunters lots of money.

Station setup: FT1000MP, ACOM1000, HEX Beam, Inv Vee dipoles, N1MM+...

73 Dragan K0AP

Operated "Remote Ham Radio" station located in Chaplin, Ct. My operating location was Buhler, Ks.

First Ks QSO Party Contest.
This is a fun QP, so much fun that I even got on phone. I got a dose of guff from my buddy Drew w0k (k3pa) and k0vbu (I forget which 1X1 he was at). I seem to invariably forget about CTRL-N in n1mm to make notes during the Qso and I also forget how much fun ssb can be when its a QP and signals are loud and there's a lot more room and you work a friend. Lookout PAQP.

Rural location 1255' ASL
FT1000MP & Alpha 89
40mtr inv vee @55ft

K3/P3 & Acom 2000A
2el K4KIO 6 band Hexbeam @24ft G-450A rotor & Green Heron
Inv vees for 80m & 40m with trapped 160m @55ft

Palstar HF-AUTO manually re-arranged between stns when necessary WinKeyer USB & Vibroplex paddle

Rx ants - 200ft NE/SW kd9sv rbogs staggered & spaced @ 66ft - DXE ncc-2

SO2R >> TopTen DxDoubler-Band Aides-relays-W2VJN stubs

N1MM+ contest logger & DxLab master logger
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, KW, TH6DXX, zepp, dipole, inverted vee. Band conditions on 89 through 20 were pretty good from GA to KS. As usual, there was very little activity on 80M. I suspect the actual score is higher than what the computer screen showed on N1MM+. It didn't seem to be giving point credit for QSOs with mobile or portable stations who changed counties or on county lines. Looked like it was just counting the first QSO. Not sure if it was doing the same thing with the mults.

73, John, K4BAI
Bob, W0BH, and his group continue to offer inducements for both in-state and out-of-state operators to work this active and very hospitable state QSO Party! Just look at the Rules as they evolve over recent years--nearly everyone gets some sort of prize in 2017...

Chasing mobiles is always fun, but the KSQP webpage included an online spot page where anyone could enter a spot to find the mobiles in nearly real time. Drat! I didn't discover the page until Sunday morning! Many mobiles had surprisingly strong signals, but for those who didn't, they stuck with the QSO until both exchanges were made. FB ops! It would be helpful if mobiles would add a county abbreviation on, say, every other CQ. I'm always reluctant to make a call if I think it might be a dupe and waste the other chap's time...

This QP has become my favorite single state Party, owing to the great organization, busy mobiles, and friendly ops who represent their state like gentlemen. I have wanted to operate the KSQP from Kansas sometime as a fixed portable from several sites during the weekend. Alas, we welcome hummingbirds every summer, and because they return to the spot where they were hatched, our population has grown to well over 100 birds this summer. We've seen scores of new youngsters this summer--next year's guests! I refill seven feeders twice daily (11 cups of table sugar daily). We live in the Outback, off grid, and there are no close neighbors who feed in the event we aren't here for more than a day. We are committed to keeping our little guests going without interruption. We will easily go through over 150 lbs of sugar this summer...

The things we do for fun!!

Thanks Bob and Gang for a great time! 73, dan
Nice to find a bit of time for this one. Good activity. Fun chasing the mobiles! Thanks for the Qs and enjoyable weekend.
Just 40 meters this contest with the A-frame antenna using the flashing on all four corners and the peak loaded up by my LDG AT-100Pro tuner at 100w. Lot's of mobiles and had no problem working them.

de K7ULS
Icom 756 Pro ll End Fed Half Wave @ 50' Over the Rutabaga Fields Through the Neighbors Barn
First time in KSQP. Some fun & different awards. Few KS stations heard other than the 1x1's.
Antenna is rain gutter and downspouts.
Had a really good time in the KSQP this year. 20 meters was wide open to Kansas both days which kept things interesting. 40 meters was not so great, was only able to work a couple of stations. A very big thank you goes out to the operators and especially the mobile stations, you guys did a great job! Looking forward to next years event.

Rig: Yaesu FT-DX3000 ANT: 272\' Horizontal Loop & Hex Beam PWR:100

Had a direct link to Kansas, or it seemed like I did. Plenty of mobiles to chase, not physically chase,but by dial tuning. Best band was 20 meters. Fun weekend.
Each KSQP is different, and this one was no exception.

In June we moved from Kansas City to Colorado Springs, so I chose a KSQP route in Western Kansas. My wife is my driver and I operate from my Ford Ranger with a K3 and Hustler mag mount with resonators.

I looked at the map and decided to leave from Syracuse KS on Saturday morning so we could start at the 4 county line HAM / KEA / STN / GRT. Driving to Syracuse KS from Colorado Springs, it looks like an easy drive from Colorado Springs; south to Pueblo, then east on CO 50 and we would arrive in Syracuse about 10:30.

We were driving through Lamar, CO about 10pm on a dark street. The road was two lanes each way with a median,and I was in the 'fast' lane going 35 mph. This car comes up behind me and stays there. I'm thinking the person wants to pass me, so I change lanes to the slow lane, and the car follows me, also changing lanes. I said to my wife well that's not good, it might be a police car. Sure enough, the blue lights for the police car come on and I pull over.

It turns out that the light bulbs on my rear license plate were burnt out and he has to be able to see the rear plate from 100 ft away. I asked the officer ifhe could give me a warning, and he smiled and left without saying anything. After running my license etc to make sure I'm not wanted anywhere, he came back to the truck and gave me a warning. Thanks! (I'm guessing those light bulbs have been burnt out for years but I'm usually in the city at night).

The saga continues on the 3830 Soapbox
Lots of interest from out of state. Too bad about thunderstorms Sunday morning.
Band conditions weren't great but more Qs could have been made on 15 and 10m and despite repeated calls on those two bands and verification via RBN for CW, few answered my calls. 40 and 20m were the bread and butter bands. Fortunately, Saturday activity saw some activity on 80/75m. CW was the money mode as would be expected when operating as "a boy and his radio".

Many thanks to all the stations outside Kansas that come back year after year for this event. Conditions did not favor much DX to my station this year but regulars DK2OK and OM2VL did make into my log on 20 CW. I'm sure I was receiving them better than they were receiving me. Missed ME, VT, and WY for WAS this year. Was nice to have AK and HI come by without having to chase them down.

73, Nate
Thanks to all for the many Qs.
Many thanks to Alan, W0NO, for sharing his fine station. Tim, AB0S/N0S
This was a blast. Very addictive. Stayed glued to the shack. Just kept looking for more 0s. You can count on me next year. Thank you all for an excellent QSO Party.
1x1s and mobiles everywhere. Conditions not the best Saturday but Sunday was a whole new ballgame. Conditions were great!

Needed 13 counties for the Sweep after Saturday and they were all planned to be on Sunday. I thought my run of Sweeps was going to end at six years in a row but everyone was loud Sunday and it turned out to be fairly easy. K0A gave me the last two (ELK/CHT) but had me worried as he was weak the county before(COW)and couldn't hear me but he was booming in when it counted most! Thanks, Connie.

Great to hear Jerry, K5YAA, back in action. Kudos to all the mobiles for outstanding efforts. I think there were at least 15 of them that I worked roaming the plains and keeping the action non-stop. Kudos to the many fixed stations, mostly 1x1s, who hung in there as well for added fun.

Bob, W0BH, really knows how to throw a Party! Congrats to all the KS participants.

73... John, N6MU                      TS-570 & 5BTV
TS-590s, KPA500, verticals, dipoles at 15 ft, N1MM+ Seemed like a fair amount of activity during the little time I was at the rig.
One of my perennial state QSO party favorites. Couldn't find stations on 15 and 80, although I did look. Conditions this year in general have limited contests to mainly 20 and 40 Meters, which is really disappointing, but beats nothing.

Thanks to all the KS stations who drove all over the state to give out multipliers. I only spent a few hours on the air due to house and yard projects, but it was fun!
Thanks to all of the KS stations and especially the mobiles for a fun QSO Party weekend. And thanks to the mobiles that dropped down to 40 meters for us 'local' guys. K3/P3 100 watts, Mosley tri-bander and OCF dipole, N1MM+.

73, Mitch NWØM
QRP/P from Aylmer Is. (ON295)
K3, 75w, verticals. Lots of action made for a fun time. Great work by the mobiles.
Guys, dont forget to put pictures of your /M setup on internet. 73 claude VE2FK
Great time this year making Qs with AB0TX. Had a good time. Lee
Last minute rotator failure and local thunderstorms Sunday put a damper on results but I was still pleased. Fun contest!
This was fun and my first one. Thanks to K0WA from strong arming me into doing this at his station...which is fabulous.

Lots of fun killing spiders Mike
Sunday only from 16-20Z (final 4 hrs) -- thus, a 20m only event for me. On Saturday (during my OhQP activity) sigs from KS were strong! Not so on Sunday from KS into W1 where strange very short skip with big sigs from MD, PA, DE and VA ruled! Still, the KS mobile activity I heard Sunday on 20m CW was incredible!! A remarkable effort from the KS mobile (and portable) folks -- had at least 5 or more QSOs in under 4 hours (20m band only) with: N0R (8), K5YAA (7), N0A (7), N0W (7), K0A (6), N0T (6), W0R (6), N0U (5). Worked just 36 unique calls; 30 of which were were 1x1's! Outstanding QP activity and event -- congrats to all KsQP organizers/ops!
Did not submit log, just wanted to let ks know I was enjoying myself. 73, Norm, W3DYA
As always, a fun contest - the Kansas ops should be very proud of their QSO Party. Stayed on 20 meters all day as that was where the action was. As always, had a great time - great QSO Party. de Tom, W1TEF
On my way home from visiting Mom & family in WV. Stopped at the NC Welcome Center on I-77 South and setup at a picnic table for a few minutes until my battery ran out on the KX2. Only heard a couple KS stations (and a few OH ones). Thanks for the Qs!

NC is my last stste East of the Mississippi River to operate from. I've been in the state several times but somehow missed operating and making some contacts while there before.

KX2 @ 5 watts to BuddiStick.

73, John
Part time effort only on Sunday. Worked three all time new counties. 100 watt into a full size G5RV up 20 foot.
First year to participate in this QSO party. You guys put on a great party! It was fun chasing the mobiles, and there were quite a few I worked. I started out Saturday thinking I'd only work a handful and then Sunday morning I found 20M full of mobiles. Tried for the sweep, but fell a few short. Always next year. Thanks for all the contacts. N1MM counted 300 bonus pts for working K0A, K0A/M, and KS0KS. Not sure iffen that's correct ?? 73, Todd KH2TJ (W7TR)
Great contest, lots of fun. This is my third year operating this contest and this is my best score to date.
My Sunday schedule would not allow me to put in a good full-time effort, so my focus was on the one-day QP (OHQP) this year. Conditions were tough for QRP from SC to KS. 40m was almost impossible... 20m was the only option. Thanks for the Qs and I hope to try it again next year. 73s Dave WN4AFP
This was another WQ6X remote operation from NX6T in Fallbrook. Equipment problems kept me off the air most of Saturday so I missed KQP then. On Sunday I got on the air for the last 3 hours to work as many counties as the mobile stations could offer up. You can read my write up about this weekend at: WQ6X.Blogspot.Com C U Next Year
Amazing number of mobile stations...these Kansas guys did a GREAT JOB of getting rare Counties on...and multiple times!!

Thanks for all the NEW counties...now if I can only get them confirmed...hope you dump your logs into E-QSL!! 73/DX Bob
Covered a total of 35 counties, 23 on Saturday and 12 on Sunday. Murphy tried to shut me down on Sunday morning. My K3 quit transmitting or receiving. After checking everything and turning it off and on a couple of times with no success I gave it a good WHACK on the top and it started working again. Must have scared him because Murphy didn't show up the rest of the day.

At the end of the day on Saturday I had 339 QSOs on 20m and 411 QSOs on 40m. Looked like it was going to be a 40m QSO party. As you can see from my score that stat flipped on Sunday so by the end of the QSO party I had 701 QSOs on 20m and 589 on 40m.

With the poor conditions I was surprised at the DX I was able to work which included DK2OY, OM2VL, F4HEC, DL3DXX, DL7KL, and LY5W.

Station equipment: Elecraft K3, Scorpion SA-680, Dell Latitude D630, CQ/X logging program, and a Ford F250.

Thanks to everyone who called and a big thanks to my wife, K5AKS, for driving!

Continued in the 3830 Soapbox
Score includes 100 bonus points for working KS0KS. The computer says I operated 17 hours, but it was more like approximately 16 or a bit less.

Wow, does KS know how to throw a QSO party! Thanks to Bob, W0B (W0BH) and whoever else helped put it together. Except for the early fade out of 20 Saturday (last Q's were Bob W0B at 2313Z and he was very weak on SSB, significant weakening of signals at 22Z), I would have well exceeded 600 Q's.

Saturday was the ecstasy in the morning and early afternoon with both 15 and 10 open on Es followed by the agony as 20 faded very early. I did a good job of maxing out the 15 and 10 meter Q's and seemed out of sync keeping up with the mobiles. Mobile activity seemed low at that time compared to past years, but it may have been me as the rest of the time was near other years or even better on Sunday. There were very very few KS CQ'ers on 15, none on 10! I ran up the Q totals by calling CQ on 20 and moving stations up or calling stations on 20 and asking for moves up especially W0B/N0Q/K0WHY/N0I, many thanks Bob!

Continued in the 3830 Soapbox
I normally use a Tarheel Model 200A-HP on 80/40 and use Hamsticks for 20,15, and 10 meters. This makes for quick band switching. But Mr. Murphy had different plans for me this weekend. It was 10 minutes before the party started Saturday morning when I noticed the SWR was intermittent on the 20 meter Hamstick. Then I checked 15 meters and the SWR was way to high. Could not find any obvious problems so decided to go with the Tarheel on all bands. Murphy was after me again. When I hit the switch to move to 20 meters I could hear the motor trying to turn but was not moving the coil at all.

Continue in the 3830 Soapbox
We were operating from the roof of the science hall and had to shut down for about 45 minutes when the electrical storm came through Emporia on Sunday morning. Thanks to all the stations who stopped by during the party
Thanks Bob for a well ran qso party. Great to see some beautiful KS scenery and work the world! It was a pleasure to work everyone and help out with last minute counties. 73, Ron - K0P/M - AF5Q
100 watts, homebrew magnetic loop from AZ

Fun contest, best state party I've done so far! I can usually work KS fairly well on SSB, so I figured I would do okay with so many calls on the air, even though I could only participate on Saturday. In the last minute I finally managed to work the 100-point bonus station, which also gave me the wild card to sweep all four words for the stamp prizes! (I had all 17 letters, but only one of two needed letter "A"s.) Mobile stations are always a big problem for my station to work, but I did get a few QSOs, and 28 out of 51 total 1x1 stations. Took as many as 24 calls over a 30 minute period to break a pileup (I log by hand exactly so I know stuff like this), but as long as I eventually get the log, I'm fine with that. Nominally I worked from 1600-0200UT, but there was a 2.5 hour period in the middle where I didn't work anyone, and I was also casually working OH and HI. Great, well organized contest, kudos!
K3/10 at 5 watts to a pair of selectable dipoles at right angles, up about 45 to 50' fed with ladder lines and tuners. Condx seemed odd, when I make more Q's on 20M than 40M from this distance. Thanks for the activity, and hope to hear more sigs next year. C U next time, 73, Dan ke0tt
Enjoyed the contest and making KS contacts. TU and 73!
Very bad condx at the begenning of the party, I heard and worked some very strong stations, but the others was so weak or I dont heard they'r absolutly. After 2 hours of operating began the OHIO QSO Party and I focused from this time only to Ohio stations. Clay county was my new one, now missed only Jackson. I made also 20 QSO in Hawaii QP and 143 QSO in Ohio QP.
1st time for the KSQP, 5th contest ever overall. Bands were not the best and hoipefully I will have a better antenna figured out by next year. All in all I am pleased with my results considering I used a 5GRV Jr at about 32 feet. Had a blast regardless and looking forward to next year. Thank you for all of the KS people that took place and the chances for awesome prizes!!!
Thanks to the sponsors for supporting this contest especially W0BH for his hard work. Thanks to all that QSOed with me and all the in-state operators. And finally thanks to my XYL, Donna, for driving and putting up with the long hours. Without her this mobile operation wouldn't have happened.

Continued in the 3830 Soapbox
Operated portable an hour Saturday eve on 20 and about 20 min. Sunday afternoon on 15 from Douglas CO. Had planned on POT CO, but family issues intervened. Skip was long both times, but did manage to work a few Hawaiian stations. That also will count for an entry in the HI Q P. Portable set-up FT-817, MFJ long whip on a tri-mag. mount on the car. 10 opened up after the contest finished to KP4 and LU.
Thanks to all who called me. And thanks to my XYL Karen for doing all of the driving. We had some fog early Saturday when we started, but otherwise Saturday was a nice warm day. We snapped a picture of the world's biggest ball of twine as we went through Cawker City, but otherwise didn't encounter any tourist sites. We were a bit ahead of schedule so we added Wabaunsee before stopping in Shawnee for the night. We quit about 6:30 since we were both tired and hungry. On Sunday morning, we tried to stay ahead of the rain as we moved south, but still went through a few showers, but no lightning. By lunchtime, the rain threat ended. QSO rates were higher on Sunday, with a surprisingly high rate in Sedgwick (where Wichita is) and the highest rate of all in Butler, which is also usually well represented by fixed stations. We spent the last 15 minutes in the hotel parking lot in Sedgwick.

Continued in the 3830 Soapbox
Meant to play more, but was unable to make it back to the rig on Sunday. Thanks to the organizers for their work in keeping the contest running.
I used W0O as there was need for an O with heavy CW use, while local K0FJ used my usual W0S. I HOPE I corrected all instances where I signed W0S out of habit :-)

Weird, very short condx esp. first day on 20.... I worked many of the eastern KS ops. Not my usual 90%+ effort this year, Sunday at least. I was 1.5 days late to a family timeshare outing at Vail so I bugged out Sunday after 1 pileup run each on 20 cw and ssb.

Big big tnx to W0BH and Lorna, the mobile ops, and all you souls who find fun in chasing the KS ops.
89 CW contacts were QRP (5W) using KX2. All other QSOs at 50W using FT847. Covered Jewel (JEW), Republic (REP), Washington (WAS) and Cloud (CLO) as single-operator portable using a Mosley Mini-33 trip-band beam up 17'. Operated from the tailgate of my '94 Chevy Blazer S10. My first KS-spedition, if you don't include Field Days. Will add a 40M rotatable dipole to next year's config, but will only do 2 counties a day max. Otherwise, I lose too much valuable on-air time to moving around.
Tnx for the Qs! 73, Dan - remote in tokyo
NØYL-W0SO: A great Party, as always! Happy to activate multiple counties. We had hoped for better cooperation with the mobile frequency coordination. A good run otherwise again this year. Many thanks to Bob for his time and effort.
Thanks to everyone for dealing with the poor condx this year. Lots of QSB. Was good propagation to the East Coast. Had abnormal short skip on 20M to the west. Was able to work 10DX in spite of the poor condx.
To fill some last minute "holes", I waited until the last minute to plan my 2017 KSQP route. With 14 mobiles out there (and Jerry/k5yaa/m surprising us on Sunday to make it 15), we already had excellent county coverage according to the proposed routes and maps. I decided to head up to the far northeastern county of Doniphan to pick up some less-covered counties, then head back via the top tier of counties and return home for the night. One of my goals not yet achieved is to have all counties activated on Sunday. I could have hit the remaining ones with a 12 hour route, but in 6 hours I settled for a group in west central Kansas.

This year, we had enough interest to add 6 more 1x1 calls (total of 51) for a new spelling word, BISON, to go along with KANSAS, SUNFLOWER and QSOPARTY. It turned out to be a little harder than usual this year. The Eclipse QSO Party happened the weekend before and some of the calls we needed ran into our weekend. Fortunately, everyone I asked was happy to drop a day or two to help us out. With several last minute cancellations, I was still three calls short, but that all changed at the Salina Hamfest when K0BJ, N0MXI, K0WA, AB0S and AB0TX got their heads together and solved the problem. You all are great!

Continued in the 3830 Soapbox
It was great to go mobile with Bob W0BH again this year! I heard familiar callsigns and many new ones (for me). John N6MU and Jeff N8II were right in there every time we crossed a county line. Most importantly, I got my hat back from last year! The route didn't go exactly as planned due to less-than-ideal-roads (and roads just plain closed.) We were attacked by wildlife, which I was able to quickly dispatch with the windshield of the van without any damage to the antenna array.

Continued in the 3830 Soapbox
Due to some lingering health issues I decided to forego a run in the 2017 Kansas QSO Party and had let Bob, W0BH know so he could find another operator to use W0L, the 1x1 I have used for several years now. All was taken care of but on Saturday of the party I drove to Joplin to return a tool (KI0I's Big Wheel Radial Implant Machine) via Slim, one of Mark's friends while he was at the hamfest.

Continued in the 3830 Soapbox
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