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Very enjoyable QSO party - so many active stations, mobile rovers and counties! Kudos to all who made this such a fun weekend event. 73, Bob AA6OC
This was my weekend to play around in the various QSO parties. Being spoiled by the BiG turnout in CQP, the KQP, OHQP and HQP were somewhat of a disappointment; even more so in W6 land.

Equipment was an Elecraft K3 into a Stepp-IR running BI-Directional and a 2-el shorty forty yagi and a droopy coaxial inverted V on 80 - all 13mh. allowing KH6, W0 & W8 to be easily worked. Unfortunately, 10 & 15 were no shows.

On the receiving end of the remote connection the laptop audio was processed by an Autek QF-1A for the left ear and an old MFJ-752C for the right ear; doing it this way emulates the audio configuration used when I run the Yaesu FT-1000mp from W7AYT's QTH. Look for the write up on this GiG at: WQ6X.Blogspot.Co
Mobile operating from the truck while on a camping trip in a canyon. Heard several KS stations, but they couldn't hear my weak signal over the louder stations that were calling them. I was glad to get the one I did
Great contest KS!! Conditions were great to the PNW on Saturday and thankfully many, many ops were on 20m for those of us that couldn't work 40. Conditions were much more difficult on Sunday, but seemed to opening up about the time the contest was over. Such is life living out in the west. Thanks to all the mob-ops! Great job.
Affected by solar storm a lot. Sunday was total blackout.

Conditions were fair on Saturday, but as other have noted Sunday was difficult, especially for the lower powered stations that were calling. Many times I could hear stations calling but could not pull the call letters out of the noise. I'm sure the very high "K" index on Sunday caused more absorption.

We drove 961 miles. The 2012 F-150 used 57 gallons of gas. Pam (N5KW) did the SSB operating and Connie (K5CM) made the CW Q's.

We spent toooo long at the starting county line just outside of Dodge, Sunday morning and just barely made it to the Chautauqua/Elk county line before the end of the party. That was a big mistake because the pile-up at the CHA/Elk line was huge. Pam blames me for constantly telling her to slow down hi hi....

Rig: K3 running 100 watts, Tarheel Model 200-Hp, Dell D630 laptop. Thanks sooo much for the may stations that followed us around the state, and as usual, thanks to Bob for running the show.

73, Connie/K5CM/K0A and Pam/N5KW

Total score includes 100 bonus points for having worked KS0KS.
Interesting contest to work for two reasons:
1. All but four contacts were 1x1 special events issued for this contest.
2. The only signals heard during the KSQP were from the Ohio QSO Party and the Kansas QSO Party. The path from South Texas to Kansas held up during the whole contest on 40 meters.
Got a late start by about 5hours or so. Dave W0DR and I attended the Joplin MO Hamfest. It was hard to get away from so many radio friends.

When we got on air the bands were quite down, many CQ went unanswered. After a few hours it got a lil better and finally at sunset ,40 came alive and some good runs took place. Sunday saw better condx from 20m as it came alive around 11am. Bill N0UMP was at the wheel on Sunday when we had some awesome pileups on each county change.

Problems: The laptop would hang the rig in send until a couple taps on f1 and esc wud bring it back to receive. I had to have some repeats because of this. Saturday a couple wrong turns and the late start ate up time so we had to drop some counties off the list. Sunday a detour sent us back thru some Saturday activations altho we made quite a few Q`s despite the fact.
Continues at 3830

Temporary set-up..in the garage, the only place I could get the wires inside. Luckily it has A/C, so it was not too bad, really! Lot's of activity on Saturday, however, Sunday it was slow going for me. So I decided to do a bit more FT8, as the rate was pretty steady in that mode.

My hat off to Bob W0BH for organizing; I also heard this from several stations I worked; THE BEST QP out there! It sure attracts a lot of attention on the bands, doesn't it?
Despite rotten cndx, that was a lot of fun. I've always enjoyed chasing the mobiles around in the FQP and KSQP has really added the mobiles! It got a little frustrating not knowing what county the mobiles who did not specify while CQing were in. My hat is off to Bob W0BH and the unknown group that put this together. Missed a few counties, but as they say, its the trip not the destination! And there is always next year when condx absolutely have to be better!
Great fun participating in the KSQP this year.

Ran nearly the full length with only an aircon failure in the house causing some downtime. Thanks to some last minute help by K3PA on Friday SSB operation was smooth for the most part. Fade out on 20m a few minutes into the Saturday AM session had me wondering if there was something wrong with the station.

Thanks to Bob W0BH for putting together another great event!

A BIG thanks to the organizers and all the 1x1 stations. You make this an outstanding, fun contest with opportunities to improve one's skills. Was able to get all the letters by Sunday morning. Didn't see any F or L on Saturday.

Equipment: KX2 with KXPA100 running 80W, inverted V dipole at 20 feet apex. N1MM logger. CW and Phone, 20M band only. Southern CA. Thanks

Looking forward to next year.

Got the Sweep for the 8th year in a row. Had 101 counties at the end of the first session and the last four(WAB,NEO,CHT,COW)were all scheduled for Sunday. Then the A/K numbers looked terrible. I didn't hear a signal on 20 for the first 90 minutes but the mobiles peaked up at the right time and I got all four. Whew!

Thank goodness for a good logging program with all those 1x1s to keep track of. They sure kept it interesting. Despite the conditions, an outstanding turnout from all the KS guys. Much appreciated!

As always, big kudos to Bob, W0BH, for all his efforts. He had mobiles from seven surrounding states come to play. They knew a good Party when they saw one! The KSQP is one of the best Parties around. 73...

A great QSO Party! Most of the Qs were a result of chasing the mobiles around the state. In spite of the conditions, good signals from the 20 m mobiles and workable ones on 40 m, too. KS to ID must have been a good distance for both bands.
Icom IC-706MKIIG with 90 watts output,Heil Pro Micro Headset on VOX,Vectronics HFT-1500 Manual Tuner (used for 20 Meters only),and a ZS6BKW "modern" G5RV Flattop up 50 feet,running N-S @ 6,053 feet elevation from Grid DN-71 in Laramie County,Wyoming.I only made 3 Q's on 20.I'm just too close to Kansas.Zero contacts on 80 due to very high QRN.94% of my log was 40 Meter contacts I did work the bonus station of KS0KS and managed to spell QSO PARTY using the special Kansas 1x1 call signs thanks to the KS0KS wild card.I worked K0O/mobile in several counties, and he had a very strong signal in all of them.I was interrupted more than once during a run,while calling "CQ Kansas,CQ Kansas" by NON KANSAS STATIONS who needed Wyoming confirmed for WAS or some other reason.This is a new and DISTURBING trend that I hope does not continue.I may have to save the QSL cards from these "drive by" Ops, and use them in the fireplace this winter in order to stay warm and toasty. Thanks to all who heard and worked me.Another "Boy and his Wire",100 watts contest effort is in the books.
November Seven Many Zebras Walking
Lots of activity, lots of fun! Looking forward to seeing what (if any) stamps I'm eligible for.

Conditions seemed decent for the short period and limited scope of my activity.
I worked FT8 as W0I whenever I ran out of contacts wanting to talk to me on SSB. The band conditions were poor over a good chunk of the contest and this made for a nice opportunity to make some contacts. Neat to see this mode added this year.
Propagation really seemed horrible and 20m was up and down the whole time. Thanks to the KS stations for working to dig me out.



Conditions not bad on Saturday. 740 contacts in 12 hours. Sunday conditions were terrible. Alternated between 40 meters and 20 meters. Both bands were noisy and signal strengths terrible. Most barely above the noise.
Great contest KS!! Conditions were great to the PNW on Saturday and thankfully many, many ops were on 20m for those of us that couldn't work 40. Conditions were much more difficult on Sunday, but seemed to opening up about the time the contest was over. Such is life living out in the west. Thanks to all the mob-ops! Great job.
Tnx for the Qs ! 73, Dan - remote in Tokyo
I had visitors from out of town this weekend so I was only able to sneak off for a couple of hours on Saturday and four on Sunday. It sounded like there was good activity and conditions on both 40 and 20 were good between Kansas and New Orleans.

I worked 24 unique calls. Thanks to the mobiles for making it interesting. Most frequent in the log were: N0R(17), N0W(10), W0O(7), N0T(6), N0K(6), K0A(5). Tracking N0R on APRS was fun and enabled several first in the N0R log on county changeovers.

Thanks to Bob-W0BH for his continued yeoman work on coordinating the party.

First time in this contests. Great to have the mobile ops all over the state.

A lot of fun with the stamp program as well spelling out different names. Was trying to work HiQP as well, wish there was some way to manage a common log.

Really fun Ops who got to know my call and were listening for my weak LP contact.

Like Arnold says... I'll be back!
Early QRT due to thunderstorm activity at my QTH. No operation on Sunday due to geomagnetic storm. Oh well. I'm competing against myself here, and next year's objective is to turn in a better score. Thanks to those I worked. 73.
Pretty fair day Saturday but Sunday was nearly a total loss with few signals heard on any band.
Great time, as always. Many thanks to Bob, W0BH, for organizing another fine event. Tim, AB0S
Hats off to Bob, W0BH, for his excellent leadership of the KS QSO Party. Also, thanks to all the portable and mobile operators
Special thanks to Bob and crew! The bands were not the best this year. Saturday started off OK then slowed down for lunch, then they went full speed ahead for the late afternoon/evening. Sunday was just a bad radio day, the bands were dummy loads all day for me. Thanks for everyone who answered my call and dealt with me over the air.

73s W0P/AD0LR

Nice job on the part of the mobiles: N0R, N0W, N0U, K0A, W0O, K0I, K0T...etc. All did phenomenal job. I was also chasing new counties at the same time. Snagged about 20 new counties. Thank you all for the fun. Sunday morning bands were terrible, did not know what's going on until I saw the K and A indexes later on.

Thank you Bob W0BH for great organization and leadership of KSQP. Another successful one under the belt. Thank you all for the Qso's! 73 Dragan K0AP
Lot of fun activity, mobiles galore, good CW signals, but alas I had to leave for a few hours to a Church Shrimp Boil on Saturday and Church on Sunday. Did work YELLOWBRICKROAD
This was my first official KSQP. Lots of fun!!! Sure gonna try agn next year. Tnx, Bob
N0R / N5NA
As noted by other reports conditions were poor, more so on Sunday. That being said I finished with 174 more QSOs and 1 more mult over my 2017 total. 156 of those QSOs were picked up Saturday.

Despite the poor conditions I worked the following DX: OM2VL(10), DL8USA(8), DK2OY(5), DK3DXX(5), IK0MHR(5), ON4AAC(2), R1DX(1), SM6CUK(1), and SM6YNO(1).

Thanks to everyone who called! The top 10 callers were: WB9CIF(41), N8II(32), W5LXS(32), W3DYA(28), K7SV(27), N6MU(26), K3WJV(25), WA8REI(22), KA6BIM(20), and K0W(18).

Station equipment: Elecraft K3, Scorpion SA-680 antenna, Dell Latitude D630 running CQ/X, and a Ford F250.

Thanks to Bob, W0BH, for organizing a GREAT QSO party!

And a BIG thanks to my wife, K5AKS, for driving! 73, Alan N0R / N5NA
Bad band condx here, but had fun. Thanks for Contest 73 Jim K4AMC
Great Contest. I have not played in this one before. It was lots of fun and lots of action chasing all the mobile stations. Worked 59 of the 61 1x1 calls. Never found N0A or N0J though. Already looking forward to doing it again next year.

Thanks for all the qso's! Outstanding effort by the mobiles! Dave ka6bim
It was quite a change from last year for several reasons. Last year I made 70 Q's on 15M and 11 on 10M thanks to Saturday sporadic E. There seemed to be none at least during the daytime this year and despite several checks, nothing was heard on 15. The other big difference was huge QSO support from W0BH with three 1x1 calls available for each band slot; he also made a lot of moves to 15 which provided 6 Q's every time (3 CW/3 SSB). I was quite surprised to break 500 Q's without a big Bob Harder helping hand. The other mobiles were almost all there for long hours and I paid attention to the spots which helped the QSO and mult totals quite a bit.

Continues at 3830
K3, verticals. Very hard to work the mobiles from here on Sunday. They did great work!
Saturday morning, before the contest started, I was plugging in my computers power adapter into the cars power accessory port when the adapters tip fell apart, fell into the accessory port and shorted it out. Yes, smoke was released and yes the fuse worked as intended. The computers battery would only last about 2 hours and then I would be without logging or keying. Fortunately I always bring tools and parts with me in my Go Bag. After 10 minutes of work with wire, tools, and 3M electrical tape, I had MacGyver'ed the computers power adapter with Power Poles and was back in business. I did all this work while parked in front of a gas station and I was waiting for someone to ask me what the heck I was doing with wire, wire cutters, and weird looking things in my car, or for the local police to show up, but no one ever asked.

Continues at 3830
Great QSO Party. Kudos to Bob for his great organization. Thanks to all who called. CU next year.

73, Fred, KB0LF
Enjoyed the contest. Wish I'd had more time for it. Thanks for the Qs.
Very fun for my first somewhat serious KSQP. I should have stayed home Saturday night and got some Q's on 80, but oh well. The mobiles were incredible! Thanks for all the Q's and hope all went well. 73!
Super QSO party put on by Kansas folks. Only operated a short time. Band not great, but really enjoyed the large number of mobile stations with new counties along their route.
What an active QSO party! Hope to hear many of these folks in CQP...

This was more or less CW practice for me, but made a few phone Q's as well.

Lots of spots trying to include the exchange in the call sign field, which was not helpful for the logging programs.

Thanks for the Q's everyone.
Thanks for the efforts of the mobiles. They enabled me to work a lot more counties than I expected.
Condx were stinky enuff at the Sunday start I decided Lord Heaviside was suggesting I worship a different God for the morning :-)

My laundry list of excuses for not scoring better includes a rotator stuck ENE (been an emergency for 3 months now!), arcing problem on 40M coax limiting me to 200W, and no computer cw keying since I got on FT8 for the Es season this year. OH.... and most interestingly a 3 hour QRX Saturday for Colby's Sunflower Festival's big lab experiment -- destructive sampling of sixty types of 807s. Each of the 400 lab techs was assigned 40 tests..... I meandered back to the shack after performing 'just' 24 HI. Among the other lab techs was 90 year old WA0JSM from 120 miles away. He spotted my KS QSO PARTY sweathshirt featuring the 5c Amateur Radio stamp and with his ex-Novice son who has just QSYed from AZ he hopes to get back on the air. Great eyeball QSO.

Continues on 3830
Thanks everyone for working W0L. 421 hard earned contacts. No beams. All wires and vertical here. Missed 4 states. Alaska, Louisiana, Maine, and Rhode Island. Worked 14 Kansas counties. Bands were horrible.
I had participated in KSQP every year until ice and a zealous bucket truck got my dipoles in 2015. At the KS ARRL convention a week ago, I bought an OCF windom dipole and put it up. Back on the air! I wasn't available much of Sunday but tried to work as much as I could Saturday.

The bands sure weren't what they were in years past in this contest. I switched over to FT8 when there was no activity on SSB and made some contacts that way (not included here). Two PSK31 contacts were all I had on digital otherwise. Strangely, N1MM recognized them as mults but not as points so I had to correct the point calculation.

73 KR0L
Band conditions were very poor on Sunday. CW was the best mode.

Worked all 50 states. Got WY on 40 SSB and HI on 20 CW.

Another in the books

A very enjoyable QSO Party, in part because of the efforts of the mobile stations to activate lots of counties to make things fun and give us a reason to keep working them. Thanks very much for all your work! It would be nice to know more about the power levels and antennas (mobile, or temporary portable) used by the mobile ops.

I think I got all the letters to spell the words and even worked KS0KS on 20 and 40 cw.

Special thanks to Bob Harder, W0BH, for all his efforts to make this event fun.

Best 73. Vic VE3YT
Nice /M and /P activity. Thanks fellas! Not sure about bonus.

Attended services of a very dear friend, contester and DXer, WA2AOG (bka WNYCCs' W2RR). 73 Lonnie.

IC-7610 KPA500 3el Steppir 40invv @35ft N1MM+

Paul NS2N ex WB2ABD
Thanks to all the Kansas hams who were active for this QSO Party. Lots of fun and the conditions were poor at times. Seems like KS was in my skip zone on 20; could hear 6 and 7 calls but KS callers not heard, especially on Sunday. Let's do this again in 2019. 73 Mac NN4K
As always, a fun state QSO party with lots of participation on both sides. I got into the hang of jumping between this one and the OH and HI parties in N1MM+, but it sure would be great to be able to just have one combined template like the five-state party.

I think I set a personal record despite the awful conditions on Sunday (K-index of 6). It was weird how some of the stations were booming in, while others in the same category were barely readable
Flex 6400M, Yagi stacks via remote

A couple hours Saturday and Sunday morning. Never heard anything but special event calls, for whatever reason. Maybe it was different on SSB.
W0BH organized an excellent QSO Party. Almost complete lack of 15m was of course a crushing blow to the scores.

Tried to encourage stations to move to 15m on Sat morning by posting a spot for N0U, worked at 1836Z, but no takers. Signal was S-1 then peaked up to S-7 briefly. Maybe Es? KH6's were S-9+ off back of beam.

Interesting that only 4 stations were worked that were not using single letter call signs. Especially appreciated the mobile effort of NY0T, who provided several unusual counties.

This was my first use of a new "SEA" -- signal enhancing accessory" for the FT-1000MP MKV purchased very recently. Good to have it for the terrible conditions that prevailed.

73 Bill n6zfo
Band conditions from Saturday to Sunday could hardly have been more different. Saturday had reasonable propagation to EU and NA on 20m and later in the afternoon 40m had very short skip allowing working many KS and other close-in stations.

Sunday morning 20m sounded like a dummy load!

For this year's run I added a second receiver to the K3 and installed a vertical to go with the fan dipole. Using diversity receive made a considerable difference when working many stations. I am pleased with this year's result and will continue to work on station improvements.

73, Nate, N0NB
Thanks for another fun KQP. Special thanks to N0D (WB9QAF) who gave me a QSO in Harper County, KS, the last county I needed all time. Look for me as K4BAI/M in the Alabama QSO Party next Saturday. Thanks for all QSOs. 73, John, K4BAI.
Not home for the first 3.5 hours so I probably missed a few counties there. Then I didn't discover all the info on routes of the mobiles until Sunday afternoon. I even googled looking for info but wound up checking a 1X1 call on QRZ and lo & behold there was the website with the info. Then I didn't come across the funspot page until it was over, hi.

All my clusters are filtered for only dx so no rbn either. Maybe I'll work on that for next year. This score beat last year's by 30K and spent 4 more hours in the headphones and had the rbn last year, hi. This was a lot of fun mainly due to the work of all the mobiles. A very organized event especially with the map routes. Wish I knew about them on Saturday, hi. Tnx for a great contest.

Btw, some of those mobiles must hear pretty good. A few of the ones I worked on 40 in the afternoon were esp signals. I wrote down one call, N0K, who seemed to pull me out of thin air on 40 in the daytime. Of course I was running a bit more power than they were but still marginal condx for that time of day.
K3, TL-922A, TH6DXX, SLOPING VEES (80/40)

Ugh. Conditions not very good but fair amount of activity. I knew it was going to be a tough test when I discovered late that my 40 meter antenna had SWR of >4:1. Still, the amp was able to tune it and put power into it. Limited to CW on 40.

Not much going on 15 meters. Only stationed worked was KH6LC in HIQP on 15.

Always a lot fun in this QSO party. Bob, W0BH really puts on a good Party. Hats off to Bob for really doing it up good this year. Thanks to all who found me on the bands. Surpised to work VY1 and VY2. Still, missed out on SD and NE.

73, Russ - K0VXU/K0N
Another excellent QSO Party in the logs. Enjoyed my travels around the southern part of the state. Made it to the Colorado border on Saturday and the Missouri border on Sunday. As many have noted, the bands were't the best, particularly on Sunday. Saw a couple of crop dusters way out west on Saturday. Those guys are fearless, crazy or a combination of both. Drove by Big Bertha out in Cherokee county on Sunday. It's hard to imagine just how big that crane is until you drive by it.. Thanks to all the stations that followed me around the state. My operating conditions consisted of 2011 Subaru Outback using a Scorpion screwdriver with an Icom 7100 putting out a 100W.
Conditions on Saturday were OK. Sunday almost dead. Had rig problems and had to switch. We jumped back and forth between 20 and 40 on Sunday. We were happy with our results despite band condx. All equipment ancient: Ten Tec Omni D and Gonset GSB-201 (circa 1960) at 300 watts. Antennas: 40m dipole at 35 feet, 20m dipole at 50 feet. We got our last 3 sections (WY, ND and LA) on Sunday afternoon on 40m after changing to the N/S 40 meter dipole! Our other 40m dipole was NE/SW! Great QSO party! We will be back next year for sure. Much thanks to Bob W0BH for making this all happen. Thanks for visiting our operation on Saturday. We loved the shirts!

First off, many thanks goes to Bob for doing all the work he does to host this great weekend!

This was my third year in the KSQP, and second as a portable station. I ran two jackite verticals. On one was a 1/2 wave 20m (packtenna), the other was a 40m endfed 1/4 wave. Set up, and take down was about 5 minutes making it very easy to move. For the radio I used an Icom 7300, with a headset/foot switch. Feel free to email me if you would like to see the setup, I'm good on QRZ.

Contyinues on 3830
K3/10 at 5 watts to a pair of inv ells each 45' X 45'. Thanks for the fun ! 73, Dan ke0tt c u next time.
Wife and I had a blast. Melted my rig by the end of day 1. Thought I blew the finals but it was just the power booster. Had the old 897 for backup though. Then Macgyvered the IC7000 back to life at a rest stop. Beautiful drive from the northern border to the southern border and back through the center of Kansas.

IC7000 into Little Tarheel II. Engine off running on AGM wheelchair battery. Spotted myself on KQP website and ran until no more calls heard at each stop. Not hearing the 1,500 stations like the rest of you mobiles. Seems like I need an antenna upgrade? Would be grateful for any suggestions. Want to compete with the big boys!
Another fun year. I wish the bands were better, but still had a great time. Thanks Bob for another great party.

73, Morgan, NS0R
The 2018 Tenth Anniversary Kansas QSO Party by W0BH as W0B/m

Can you believe 10 years already? I almost can't, but the calendar says otherwise, so we decided to make this year special!

With a record 61 1x1 calls, we spelled KANSAS, QSOPARTY, SUNFLOWER and our new word, YELLOWBRICKROAD. One station reports working 59 out of 61, so we were out there and available. We added a special category for FT8 and a new Portable category. FT8 logs are still coming in and nine Portable stations answered the challenge, so a big success on both. At the last minute we had 3 stations who still wanted 1x1 calls, so I decided to apply for the X calls and have an X Challenge to celebrate our Xth Anniversary. It turns out the X calls aren't allowed, so we made a NotX Challenge instead using M calls plus one very last minute J call. You can read about the NotX Challenge on the KSQP web site.

Much more continues at 3830
Last minute of Party we had a call from WA7ERS. When asked for his QTH he replied " 38,000 feet over North Dakota in a Boeing 777." We took it as our only ND mult. Conditions poor for mobiling ! N0YL and W0SO
One of my favorite QPs of the year. This year was extra fun with YELLOWBRICKROAD in the spelling bee.

Did OK given limited hours I could operate. Managed to spell out all four words, but missed getting a 1X1 clean sweep.

I look forward to this event every year.

Very best regards, Tom, W1TEF
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