2019 Kansas QSO Party

Saturday 24 August 2019 1400-0200 UTC
9:00AM - 9:00PM CDT
Sunday 25 August 2019 1400-2000 UTC
9:00AM - 3:00PM CDT

March 12 update: Planning is underway for the 2019 KSQP! Stay tuned ..

The 2018 KSQP Final Results are out. 424 KSQP logs and 20 FT8 logs containing 56,461 contacts were processed. Congratulations to all the award winners, including John/N6MU who has now swept all 105 of our counties eight years in a row, and Jeff/N8II, who worked all 61 of our 1x1 operators. Thanks to all for making our 10th Anniversary a big success!

KSQP Spotting Network
Mobile Routes Activated Counties 2018 Final Results

The NotX Challenge: In honor of our Xth Anniversary, we tried to reserve the X 1x1 calls. We couldn't, so we picked M instead. The first person to work K0M, N0M, W0M plus N0J earned a KSQP T-shirt. Since only one op worked all 4 calls, the ops who worked 3 of the calls were also entered in a drawing for a T-Shirt. The NotX ops were a bit more difficult to find, hence the Challenge!

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