2018 Kansas QSO Party Activated Counties

Updated 16 July 2018
We expect to once again cover all 105 counties.

Mobiles, check out the following three maps when planning your route.

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2018 KSQP map by mode       2018 KSQP map by day       2018 Rare counties map
2018 1x1 Operators       2018 KSQP Mobile Routes

Mobiles, please submit your routes on the KSQP web site, and email them to W0BH.

Abbrev County Sat Sun CW SSB DIG Fixed Mobile / Portable
ALL Allen Sat   CW SSB     N0T
AND Anderson Sat   CW SSB     N0T
ATC Atchison              
BAR Barber              
BRT Barton              
BOU Bourbon   Sun CW SSB     N0T
BRO Brown Sat   CW       N0W
BUT Butler Sat Sun CW SSB   W0W N0W
CHS Chase Sat   CW SSB     N0T N0W
CHT Chautauqua              
CHE Cherokee Sat   CW SSB     N0T
CHY Cheyenne Sat Sun CW SSB     N0W N0E
CLK Clark              
CLO Cloud Sat   CW SSB     N0E
COF Coffey Sat   CW SSB     W0I/p N0T
COM Comanche              
COW Cowley              
CRA Crawford Sat   CW SSB     N0T
DEC Decatur Sat   CW SSB     N0W N0E
DIC Dickinson Sat Sun   SSB   K0D N0T
DON Doniphan              
DOU Douglas Sat Sun CW SSB   K0U W0I/p N0T
EDW Edwards              
ELK Elk              
ELL Ellis              
ELS Ellsworth              
FIN Finney              
FOR Ford   Sun CW       N0W
FRA Franklin   Sun CW SSB     N0T
GEA Geary Sat   CW SSB     N0T
GOV Gove              
GRM Graham Sat   CW SSB     N0E
GRT Grant   Sun CW       N0W
GRY Gray   Sun CW       N0W
GLY Greeley Sat Sun CW SSB DIG K0Q N0W
GRE Greenwood Sat Sun CW SSB DIG   W0T/p
HAM Hamilton   Sun CW       N0W
HPR Harper              
HVY Harvey Sat Sun CW SSB   W0A K0F N0I  
HAS Haskell   Sun CW       N0W
HOG Hodgeman              
JAC Jackson Sat   CW       N0W
JEF Jefferson   Sun CW SSB     W0I/p
JEW Jewell Sat   CW SSB     N0W N0E
JOH Johnson Sat Sun CW SSB   K0N K0S W0F K0W K0C N0T
KEA Kearney              
KIN Kingman   Sun CW       N0W
KIO Kiowa   Sun CW       N0W
LAB Labette Sat   CW SSB     N0T
LAN Lane              
LEA Leavenworth Sat Sun CW SSB   W0K N0L  
LCN Lincoln              
LIN Linn   Sun CW SSB     N0T
LOG Logan Sat Sun   SSB   K0B  
LYO Lyon Sat Sun CW SSB   K0E N0T N0W
MRN Marion Sat   CW SSB     N0T
MSH Marshall Sat Sun CW SSB DIG N0N N0W
MCP McPherson Sat Sun CW SSB DIG K0RCJ  
MEA Meade Sat Sun   SSB DIG W0D  
MIA Miami Sat Sun CW SSB DIG N0C W0I/p N0T
MIT Mitchell Sat Sun CW SSB   N0S N0O N0E
MGY Montgomery Sat   CW SSB     N0T
MOR Morris Sat Sun CW SSB DIG   W0L/p N0T
MTN Morton              
NEM Nemaha Sat   CW       N0W
NEO Neosho Sat   CW SSB     N0T
NES Ness              
NOR Norton Sat   CW SSB     N0W N0E
OSA Osage Sat   CW SSB     W0I/p N0W
OSB Osborne Sat   CW SSB     N0E
OTT Ottawa Sat Sun   SSB     N0Y/p
PAW Pawnee              
PHI Phillips Sat   CW SSB     N0W N0E
POT Pottawatomie   Sun CW SSB     N0T
PRA Pratt   Sun CW       N0W
RAW Rawlins Sat   CW SSB     N0W N0E
REN Reno Sat Sun   SSB DIG K0K N0F W0Y  
REP Republic Sat   CW SSB     N0W N0E
RIC Rice              
RIL Riley Sat   CW SSB     N0T
ROO Rooks Sat   CW SSB     N0E
RUS Rush              
RSL Russell              
SAL Saline              
SCO Scott              
SED Sedgwick Sat Sun CW SSB   W0N W0U KC0FUE N0W
SEW Seward              
SHA Shawnee Sat Sun CW SSB   N0P N0T N0W
SHE Sheridan Sat   CW SSB     N0E
SMN Sherman Sat Sun CW SSB     N0W N0E
SMI Smith Sat   CW SSB     N0W N0E
STA Stafford              
STN Stanton   Sun CW       N0W
STE Stevens              
SUM Sumner              
THO Thomas Sat Sun CW SSB   W0S N0E
TRE Trego              
WAB Wabaunsee   Sun CW SSB     W0I/p N0T
WAL Wallace   Sun CW       N0W
WAS Washington Sat   CW       N0W
WIC Wichita              
WIL Wilson Sat   CW SSB     N0T
WOO Woodson Sat   CW SSB     N0T
WYA Wyandotte Sat Sun CW SSB DIG K0L K0R