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We were starting in mid-Eastern Kansas so Pam and I spent Friday night in Fort Scott. We always enjoy visiting some of the older "Down Towns" in Kansas. The Bourbon county court house was already locked but enjoyed checking out the outside and taking some selfies. Pam and I had just said I wish the flag was out for the picture and about that time a gentlemen came out and apologized for not having the Flag flying but said the flag pole was being repaired.

We had a more exciting Saturday night spending the night in Wellington, KS. We both considered the motel to be a little creepy because there was not much lighting and very few people were staying there. We carefully checked out the room and all seemed OK. Then all of a sudden someone was "POUNDING" on the door. I said "who is it" more "POUNDING" I pulled back the curtain and peek out.

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Great time.. Bands were in fair shape and we did not have any close in lightning on Saturday evening..biggest hazard was dense fog Saturday morning....
HUD, K5ZG Came over and operated ph/cw despite hay fever attack...
MATT,KD0EZS was big on PH and a couple RTTY Qs
JIM, AC0E worked RTTY and the bulk of the CW....

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Another year of fun KSQP. Enjoyed working the pileups. Thanks to all who called.
Congratulations to Bob W0BH for a top notch organization.
73 Dragan K0AP (K0W).
That was fun! Great activity - congrats to the organizers for getting a great turnout. The mobiles really kept me hopping!

The bands were about right on Saturday, but 20M was a bit long on Sunday making things a bit tough for me. Had a couple of commitments so couldn't put in full time. Probably cost me the county sweep - I presume they were all on. Missed CHY DIC GEA LOG. Heard N0R in CHY, but he had moved down the road before I got thru.

73, Gator

Thanks to all for the QSO's!

FLEX 6600, SPE 2K-FA Butternut HF9V. N1MM+, Local Skimmer
Nice to hear so many KS stations. I couldn't get out of the chair.

RIG: FT-950
AMP: Tokyo HL-1.5KFX

Thanks to all that worked me. 73 Tom K4MM
Many tnx to W0BH and the tribe of mobiles that make this a swingin' Party. I had very good luck with mults Day 1, then added SD and SK, leaving WY PE and the 3 Frozen North territories on the table.

It doesn't help the score much but I love chasing fellow 1x1s and again had great luck, nabbing 27 of them for 41 Qs (not counting some multi-county strings). I squeaked out spelling KANSAS by using KS0KS for a wildcard S, ditto for QSOPARTY using KS0KS for Y.

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Congrats to the sponsors (particularly W0BH) for turning out a great bunch of stations from KS. Thanks also to the mobiles who did a fantastic job. Thanks for all QSOs. This contest could use more activity on 80M.
73, John, K4BAI.
TS-590S, TH3jrs es OCFD
N1MM+ logger
Loads of 1x2's and mobiles
Tnx for the Q's
73, Jim
Another great QSO party. Many thanks to all the callers.

Special thanks to our leader/organizer Bob, W0BH.

Tim N0S/AB0S
Fit this contest in between chores: while I waited for mobiles to change counties, I worked in the yard. Then, when I needed a refreshing break, I'd come in and operate...repeated as needed! I was impressed by the number of mobile operations, and multi-county lines! Well done, mobiles! 73, Bert N4CW/K1IMI
One of my fav's and have a beautiful plaque on the wall from 2014., but I had to miss this one (mostly) as was in the Hospital ER on Sat with wife for many hours and played Doctor Mike on Sunday bringing pillows and drinks to the lovely XYL. (badly cut foot, but she'll recover).

Sunday I could only find a total of a little less than ~2 hours and squeaked in 60 Q's on CW. Was hoping to complete the spelling bee, but never worked SSB, so missed U and C I believe.

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Thanks to all the participants.

Kudos to organizer Bob, W0BH.
Attic dipoles. Thanks to all the mobiles that kept activity strong throughout the event.

We've had to accept the rotten band conditions that we have with no sunspots, but some of this was rediculous this weekend. Some station louder than heck and others just a whisper above the noise floor. Worked quite a few Europeans. Two South Americans station also called.

Twenty meters tends to go flat around 3 pm in the afternoon. Forty was rather disappointing, but it is summer time. Thunderboomers did not help.

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KX3 to Dipole, 5W. Could not spend much time on this party, unfortunately. Worked KS0KS once and they seemed not to be very busy
RIG: K2 @ 95W ALL S&P

K3/100, TH6DXX @ 50\', 80/40 trap dipole @ 40\', Inv L for 160 in winter only. Tough sledding, with poor conditions and thunderbooming qrn...Toto, I think we're back in Kansas! Thanks to Bob, W0BH, for all his hard work in arranging this fun event for us!!

Bill, K0VBU
Had fun again this year. I got started about 90 minutes late due to a family obligation. I worked a suprising amount of DX on Saturday and Sunday including several Russian stations on 40 at 2:00 in the afternoon... WTF? Thanks again to W0BH for all his efforts in putting this on every year.

Thanks for the Q's.
73, Morgan, NS0R
With gorgeous wx following extreme heat it was a bit tough to stay inside during the weekend. I spent all of Sat between OHQP/KSQP/HQP. Sunday worked the new ones as the mobiles moved around and mowed lawn between that. Activity seemed very good. Incredible number of special calls QRV. I really need to look to see how many non-special calls I did work. Bands were quite good with 20 being prime followed by 40. Not a lot on 80. Tks to all the KS folks or a fun weekend!
Thunderstorms on Sunday were tough but worked through with RX antennas. Had antenna arcing problems that limited me to low power on 20 most of the contest. But as usual, a deep pool of stations to work which never quite ran out. Thanks to all!
First time participating in KQP. I was originally going to only do OQP but the conditions were awful and KS stations were loud and plentiful (neither of which can be said for OH at my QTH). Will do it again next year.
Poor band to Kansas when i operated, too much short skip around. Thanks to those who heard me and gave me 1 new county anyway.

73, Scott
Thanks for the contacts.
Celebrating over 25 years of Contesting Fun with the Tennessee Contest Group. Join us on September 1st (1800Z) for the TN QP.
73's, Bert, W4KW
First QSO party! Had lots of fun!
Just back from a long Naval deployment and just testing out the radios (ahem....learning how they work again). Heard the contest going on...so threw out a few QSOs.
Condx were rougher than past years. Sunday was aweful: high noise and very poor propogation. Hoping for better next time around. Shout out to all of the DX that wanted to work KS! Thanks Bob for all of your hard work.
Didn't know there were this many people in KS! Interesting calls when you substitute letter OH for Zero: W0K, K0I, N0T,N0W ... All those little square counties let mobiles occupy 4 at once - nice!
K3/10 at 5 watts to wire antennas up about 45'. Thanks for the fun! C U next time, 73, Dan ke0tt
Another great KQP. Mobiles and home stations did great job.
This was another WQ6X remote operation from NX6T in Fallbrook. Amidst all the other QSO parties (KQP & OHQP), the YO Dx contest and the SCC RTTY GiG, I found time to look for KS counties. I was overall quite impressed by the number of counties that were activated; sometimes 4 at once. Unfortunately, I never heard any KS activity on 15 & 10. Was there no propagation to W6 from Kansas, or was there no 15-meter activity from KS? LooK for a write up on this GiG at: http://WQ6X.Blogspot.com
Thanks for the Qs. Still need Cloud, Mitchell and Osborne (ancestral homeland). Will be prepared next year. Lots of good work by everyone, from coordination to operating.
Hadn't planned on doing this one, but go sucked in... really fun and cwfun.org/funspots/ksqp was great for finding when people had moved. Conditions tough from my noisy home QTH and much ESP required. Had limited time this weekend, but was happy with what I did with the time I had. Four counties with one Q was really something. Every station I worked was a 1x1.
A fun way to spend a Sunday morning!
Originally started trying to work the OHQP but 5 hours into it I had only worked 2 OH station but by that time all I was hearing was KSQP station and I had 46. Ended up with 101 KSQP contacts with 51 mults. Heard Steve, N8II, telling a KS station that he had a clean sweep. Congrats, Steve, excellent job! TNX KS for a great QSO Party.
Antenna is rain gutter and downspouts.
I found 3 more counties this year, only missed 7 this time, A few contacts short from last years totals that I'll blame on band conditions. Thank you to all the KS stations, especially the mobile ops! Wore my KS Qso Party T shirt the whole contest. See you next year Dave ka6bim
At start, my logger wasn't talking to my radio, so logged the incorrect frequency. After I realized what was happening, I was able to correct most of this, but don't know the exact time I switched frequencies. There may be a few contacts that were recorded on the wrong band.
First contest from my TN location. This week I installed a multi-band antenna in the attic. This will be a temporary antenna until I can get something up outside.
I was just messing around in my spare time trying to give out NJ to a few stations. I forgot about the competition for the stamps. However, I'm thinking I may have missed a bunch of station of the FTx modes which I didn't even think to try. Oh well, there's always next year.
Good signals from the West. Plenty of mobiles to follow. Missed Sunday session. Great QSO party.
I tried SSB Sunday morning; but only one SSB QSO with KØB in Logan County on 40 Meters. No response with CQ's on 40 or 20 SSB, no out of state Qs. Seems people only looking for the 1X1 calls. But FT8 worked well.
I had a great day running mobile with Bob, W0B/W0BH, on Sunday. On Saturday, I had a grand total of three QSOs from home in Wichita, so Sunday was my big day. Weather was great for the most part, with a couple of rain showers and a flooded section of road to challenge us. While we didn’t quite make it to Harvey and Sedgwick counties at the end of our run, we were able to operate from all of the counties we needed to activate. Switching seats in the van gave us both a chance to operate (and rest), with Bob handling all of the CW operating, and I jumped in the hot seat for SSB.

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Conditions were better than I expected with quite a bit of QSB. Had some thunderstorms in the area late Saturday afternoon making copy difficult, especially on 40m.

I worked the following DX: DK2OY, DL3DXX, DL4FN, DL5AWI, DL8USA, F5FJ, F6CSQ, HA8IB, MD0CCE, OM2VL, OM2VL, OM3DX, OM3KFO, R1DX, R7TU, S57S, and TI8II.

Thanks to all who called! The top ten callers were: WB9CIF(41), N6MU(33), N8II(31), N5RZ(29), K7TQ(27), OM2VL(23), DL3DXX(21), W6OAT(21), K7SV(20), and WB0TEV(20).

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N0U was put on the air by team W0B/m to cover a mobile op who had to cancel at the last minute. Please see the W0B/m post for details.
Kansas was out in full force once again for the 2019 KSQP. All 105 counties were covered by 56 1x1 calls both CW and SSB. We double-covered all counties, 79 counties were triple or more covered, and 96 counties were covered again on Sunday. Excellent work by our 12 mobiles, 6 portables, and great fixed stations resulting in at least two claimed Kansas Sweeps: N6MU and N8II.

Saturday Wearing our KSQP T-shirts, XYL Lorna/k0why and I headed out toward the furthest northeast county in Kansas (Doniphan) on a cool and cloudy morning. One of our mobiles had to cancel at the last minute, so in addition to W0B, we ran N0U to help put the U in SUNFLOWER on the air for everyone to find. I recently tore out my mobile installation and reinstalled it in the Astro van. Besides simplifying the installation, rewiring things cleaned up some RF issues that occasionally caused my logging computer to crash on 20m and also played with the van's
ammeter. A nice improvement.

The day really went well from an equipment standpoint, but band conditions were tough most of the day with weaker signals and noise. The only "glitch" was me sending CLA instead of CLY for Clay county on 20m until N6MU pointed that out to me.

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How can it be so quiet yet so noisy in one weekend. The best QSO party for power line noise ever but the worst for Sat evening storm noise so had to quit 1 1/2 hr early.

Thanks for all that QSOed with us and W0BH for his organization.

Thanks for your QSO, Bill

100 watts and Butternut Verticals

Cottage life keeps the radio off all summer, but did find time between returning home and going to a grad party to get one hour in.

73, Tom N2CU

Boy, that was a nail biter! With less than a minute to go, W0O/DON gave me the Sweep for the ninth year in a row. My last five were: BAR/PRA/TRE/NEM/DON.

What a great group of mobiles. Those with at least 10 Qs included: K0A/K0I with 34 Qs each followed by N0R(33), K0O(32), N0W(30), N0D(26), N0T(25), N0K(24), W0C(11) and K0T(10).

Kudos to all the fixed stations as well. There were 1x1s everywhere. In 431 Qs I only worked three non-1x1s(KE0EK/KS0KS/N0CVW).

Still one of my favorite Parties. A big thanks to Bob, W0BH, for orchestrating this show year after year. Well done once again my friend! 73...

John, N6MU                       TS-570 & 5BTV
I had little hope of putting in a big effort going into the weekend. The XYL has a new serious health issue and was not well over the weekend. Bless my daughter Sabrina for helping out a lot Sunday with house chores and helping my XYL.

The sweep was a big surprise, first one was 6 years ago in 2013. I didn't plan on even getting close, so did not track routes or needed counties. Numbers 101-104 Sunday were W0B/N0Q in EDW at 1650Z (thought this was a lost cause after missing Butch,K0O Saturday), N0R in MEA at 1706, W0O (Jon,W0ZQ with his bodacious mobile signal) in JAC at 1817, and W0O in BRO at 1857. After that I checked a few routes for any hope of Wallace. I did not notice W0BH's handy rare counties chart which would have told me there was someone going there. All counties were scheduled to be covered at least twice. After checking on the XYL and putting away dishes in the last hour, I checked the spots and could not believe my eyes. There was N0E (Ron AD0DX) spotted in Wallace on 20 SSB, one call and S-W-E-E-P!! And to boot, I found Ron, N0E right in the last minute on my own on 20 CW for my last QSO!

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On Friday whole day and on Sunday till the begenning to the QP we had reparation works on the QTH, so I was so tired ... I don't like more QSO Parties on the same weekend.

My plan was began KS QP, but when start the OH QP, focused on OH QP and when some free time collect also KS mobiles. Fortunatelly condx was good on 20m and there was many mobiles and 1x1 stations ...

What a party! I never had before such nice score! Close 400 QSO, and 102 counties !!! Missed only: Morton, Stevens ( N0D- I worked with Ron from many counties, but unfortunately this countyline at the begenning I missed, maybe he was from here only on 40m?) and Lincoln (K0O, N0W). All this 3 counties was activated only on Saturday.

Continues at 3830

Bands were choppy but with my FT-817 5 Watts and the MFJ 1820T 4 foot whip antenna I had a blast. More QSOs next year
A great event.. Always well organized.. Thanks..
It was a fun time running the KSQP as a mobile solo op. We had cool weather this year starting out with a temperature of 65 degrees, and with the highest temperature recorded on Saturday afternoon at just 77; this MN boy thoroughly enjoyed that! A sprinkle of rain on Saturday, but more serious day long rain on Sunday. The Sunday rain did cause my tuner to run erratically on 40m resulting in occasionally funky keying. I ended up placing a paper coffee cup upside down just above the coil to help keep the rain off of it, that seemed to calm the tuner down. From 22 KS counties I worked 14 unique DX stations led by DL3DXX (22, 2 on 40m), OM2VL (13, 1 on 40m), DK2OY (5), DL8USA (4)and HA8IB (4). Signals from DX were often better than stateside with lots and lots of QSB. Conditions at time seemed good, then within a minute stations would disappear. Overall, the only thing you could do was just keep plugging away.

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Conditions were great Saturday. 40 meters was hampered Sunday a.m. by a lot of noise from the thunderstorms around the state but allowed us to work a few close in states. 20 meters started out great on 20 but deterioriated after about an hour.We were fortunate to work 46 states, 5 Canadian Provinces and a number of DX stations in Europe and South America. Sure could have used OK, NE and WY but they were missing in action. Could have used Alaska too! Didn't work as many Canadian provinces as last year either. All in all with was a great event and all operators enjoyed the challenge.
Fun getting on and off to see if any new counties showed up. Managed to get enough letters to spell all four phrases or words. JACK W1WEF
Lots of activity with several mobiles out and about...great job! 20m was good until the AL to KS path got too long. 40m was tough going. Had lots of noise on both bands and signals were generally weak. Thanks to those who dug mine out of the noise level.

K3 @ 5 watts to dipole
73, John
Great party!
73,Ted W4NZ
The Kansas guys/gals outdid themselves on this QSO party. Lots of activity with all 105 Kansas counties workable. Kudos to Bob, W0BH, for coordinating all the work it took to put on an event like this!
Enjoyed hearing all the 1x1 callsigns from Kansas. Thanks for the QSOs!
From here in North Texas this was almost solely a 40m fest. 20m was just too long this year and made only 1 20m QSO. The dedicated spotting board at the KSQP Spotter Page was a great help. This was the first contest in which I used my new toy, as SDRplay box interfaced wtih N1MM+. Spent lots of time staring at the waterfall and jumping on new trails as they showed up in the ~7029-7045 kHz space. Rig was a TS-590SG. Only used the amp on SSB, 100 watts was sufficient on CW and the two RTTY QSOS. Also made a handful of FT8 Q's that went in the separate log for such.

Managed to work all of the 1x1 calls except for W0N, K0U, K0E, N0E, W0Q AND W0T. Missed 9 counties (not bad considering I was essentially limited to 40m): ATC, COM, HAS, HPR, JAC, KIO,NOR,SMN and TRE.

Continues at 3830
Limited time for contesting this weekend!
Thunderstorms limited my operating time this year. Still a great event, looking forward to 2020.
W0UY - W0Y

Such a fun contest to be part of, W0BH does a wonderful job of lighting the fire on a smokin hot event!

Lots of activity again this year , even with less than stellar band condx. I went to Joplin MO hamfest Sat. morning and enjoyed that very much ,so much so that I didn't get into Kansas until around 1800z with the first QSO at 1802z. All went well , no flat tires ,breakdowns or rig trouble. The storms that hampered others let me be.

Saturday had some lax minutes, but Sunday was much better,with heavy pile ups at the county changes.

Continues at 3830

Had a great time. Conditions were good. 200W to a TH7DX at 60' on 20M 160M half sloper on 40. I tried 10 and 15 several times.
Propagation wasn't the best but noise was low so some DX did get through. Still no upgrade to the antenna farm and getting by with wires and a vertical. Had some farm related tasks to attend to and skipped out for several hours early Saturday afternoon and took a long lunch break on Sunday. Obviously my QSO count was down considerably from last year. Also, I did not try any digital this year as last year I determined that PSK31 is a maddening exercise! This was my tenth year of participation in this iteration of the QSO Party. Thanks to Bob, W0BH, for keeping this thing rolling through the years.
First things first thanks to Bob for another great KSQP! Thanks to those who chased me, and congrats to N6MU, N8II for the sweep! OM2VL worked me at each stop, with strong signals each time. My only DX outside of one from France.

This year I took a less aggressive route and dropped a stop on each day, giving myself a bit more time per stop. Saturday went well, started on time and bands were in decent shape given the current cycle. My last stop on Saturday was cut a short by an hour due to a thunderstorm.

Saturday night a tornado caused some damage near my first stop (BRT,RIC,ELS). This stop is near power lines and has had a higher noise level in previous years (S5-7). This time it was S9+20, and unworkable. Maybe due to downed power lines? I had to move on with zero qso’s. Stop two was great both 20m and 40m were decent, with a beautiful view of the high plains of Kansas!

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