Thank you for participating in the Kansas QSO Party!

We need the information below so we can contact you with questions and notify the winners. In the rules, Cabrillo format is preferred and requested to speed up scoring. An example will be down the page.

Please remember to rename your log files to your call sign. Failure to do so causes problems as some people have used near identical file names. Use your call or group call to name the file. It is nice for your records to keep KSQP2015call.log. However, please rename and submit only yourcall.log to the KsQP e-mail account. Accepted file extensions are *.log, *.adi, or *.cbr. If you have a handwritten log, please use the example Cabrillo header for an Excel spreadsheet. These log file extensions are*.xls and *.xlst or *.txt. The scoring software works faster this way. Thank you!

Submit all log files to logs [@] ksqsoparty [dot] org which will be available at the end of the event. In the unlikely event that sending to logs [at] ksqsoparty [dot] org fails, e-mail them to kansas150 [at] hotmail [dot] com.

1. Spacing isn't important, but there must be at least one blank space between fields, and the order of the field is required. It makes it easier to read if the fields line up.

2. We don't check RST, but the field must be there, 59 for PH, 599 for CW/DIG.

3. Use RY for any digital contacts, regardless of type.

4. If you worked 1x1 calls and didn't get their county, just put in KS for the location.

5. Log all DUPES. You are not penalized and other stations might lose points if you don't.

6. The only valid dates are 2015-08-29 and 2015-08-30.

7. Valid times are from 1400-2359 on the 29th, 0000-0159 and 1400-1959 on the 30th.

8. If you have lots of contacts to type in, just make sure the date is correct and put in 1400 on the 29th, or 0000/1400 on the 30th. That's what I do when I have to hand type logs.

9. Exact frequency isn't important, but be sure you log the correct band frequency.
Examples above are for 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10, and 6 meters.

10. Name your log CALL.LOG, ex: W0BH.LOG

11. Thanks again for taking the time to convert your log to Cabrillo! Next year, you might consider a logging program like N1MM which will do it for you using the newer Cabrillo 3.0. We'll accept either format.

Note: If your logging program outputs in ADIF, just send it in, or download an ADIF to CABRILLO converter program.

Remember: Log submissions - time stamped or postmarked by October 1, 2015 at 12:00AM.

All paper logs must be sent to:
Kansas QSO Party
% Bob Harder, W0BH
P.O. Box 3000
Hesston, KS 67062

<------------ Example Text --------
Example Cabrillo header
CATEGORY: MOBILE SINGLE-OP LOW POWER (or correct category, add ROOKIE if new)
CLAIMED-SCORE: x (optional)
SOAPBOX: Use as many SOAPBOX lines as you like to make comments about the KSQP.
SOAPBOX: We will post them on the KSQP web site.
QSO: 7048 CW 2009-08-29 1401 W0BH/M 599 REN NU7J 599 WA
QSO: 7048 CW 2009-08-29 1401 W0BH/M 599 RIC NU7J 599 WA
QSO: 7048 CW 2009-08-29 1401 W0BH/M 599 REN W0GXQ 599 MN
QSO: 7048 CW 2009-08-29 1401 W0BH/M 599 RIC W0GXQ 599 MN
QSO: 7048 CW 2009-08-29 1402 W0BH/M 599 REN NN8L 599 MI 000000000111111111122222222223333333333444444444455555555556666666666777777777788 123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901

---------End Example Text -------- >

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